The Scentsy candle began with a simple idea-a safe, wickless alternative to a scented burning candle - and quickly grew into a  successful direct selling company, selling a candle warmer. This wickless concept is simply a decorative ceramic candle warmer  designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame.  Entrepreneurs Heidi and Orville Thompson encountered the candle warmer product line at a home show in early 2004, purchased the  tiny company, and moved Scentsy to Meridian, Idaho, where the company's first home office was a 40-foot ocean shipping container on  a small sheep farm. The Thompsons were inspired by how the candle warmer fragrance brings powerful emotions and memories to the  surface-without the safety risks of burning a candle-and launched Scentsy as a party-plan direct selling company producing an electric  candle warmer that same year.  Scentsy joined the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in 2004 and enrolled its first Independent Candle  Warmer Consultant to start selling candles with the direct selling company. Since then, the company  has expanded operations, hired a strong executive team, extended its candle warmer product line, innovated around the Scentsy business  direct selling opportunity, and received numerous awards for its growth and ethical business practices. The candle warmer company was  named the number one consumer products direct selling company on the 2010 Inc. 500 list, ranked among the top 100 on the 2011 Inc.  500 list, appeared in the 2010 Direct Selling News Global 100 list of top direct selling companies, and received the DSA's 2010 and 2011  Success Awards and the DSA's 2009 Rising Star Award. In less than eight years, we have generated more than $1 billion in revenue through direct selling our candle warmer and scents. Today, the  company's family of passionate Independent Candle Warmer Consultant shares the experience and the difference our company provides  throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, and Europe.  Scentsy Family gathered together Heidi & Orville Thomas Scentsy Direct Sales Excellence

Scentsy Direct Selling

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