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I'm serious about your home business.  Working with my Team is an enjoyable venture.  Contact me to learn more about selling candles. By selling Scentsy candles you'll establish a team and have support to make it grow! Scentsy Candles potential for Success The first consultant decided to join in 2004, with more than 90,000 active home business Independent Consultants throughout North  America, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada, who made the decision to become a consultant and join; is poised to lead the home business  industry for the next five years and beyond. 
What began in 2004 as a simple idea has truly grown into an extraordinary business, as Scentsy continues to touch thousands of lives in profound ways, selling Scentsy candles  Online Shopping Rewards  Shipping Information  How Do the Products Work?  View My Catalog Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Scentsy Fragrance | Workstation Login / Register Host a Party | Join My Team | Contact Me   Kelly Harvey Director Becoming a consultant   It's simple and inexpensive to be a consultant and start your home business selling candles.  Once  you become a consultant you'll always have exceptional support with your home business and I'll  personally assist you with achieving your goals as an Independent Consultant.  The success of your  home business is my goal and I'm very dedicated to helping you reach yours when you join my team.  Selling Scentsy candles is serious business, a business with serious potential for fast growth, reward,  success and satisfaction while you expand your home business empire and find others to start selling  Scentsy candles as a consultant.  The best part is its fun!  You'll enjoy the company of others while  they join in and become hooked on Scentsy.  You're excitement and confidence about selling Scentsy  candles and why you decided to start a home business as a consultant and join my team will do all  the selling for you. | 630-347-1980
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