Online Shopping Rewards  Shipping Information  How Do the Products Work?  View My Catalog Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Scentsy Fragrance | Workstation Login / Register Host a Party | Join My Team | Contact Me   Kelly Harvey Director Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Q. Where can I Buy Scentsy?     A. Buy Scentsy Online, Call me to Buy Scentsy by phone, or Buy Scentsy from a Local Scentsy Consultant. Find a Scentsy Consultant by contacting me today! Q. How can I Buy Scentsy?     A. Buy Scentsy with a Credit card, Cash or Check. When you Buy Scentsy online, you pay with a Credit Card. Q. How long do the Scentsy Candle Bars last?     A. Scentsy Candle bars last approximately 50 - 80 hours depending on the strength of the fragrance and how strong you personally like your scents. Open Windows, humidifiers, and house fans may affect the time your scents last. Q. What type of Light Bulbs do Scentsy flameless candle products use?     A. Scentsy Full-size warmers use a 25 watt Bulb, Scentsy Plug in warmers use a 15 watt Bulb. Bulbs can be difficult to find in stores, you can buy these in-expensive bulbs online, if you click "Buy Scentsy Candles" above it will take you to the Wickless Sensations Scentsy shopping page where they can be purchased online. Once you get to the shopping page, the Bulbs are under the "Indidual Warmer Pieces" category. Q. Can Scentsy wax bars be used in a Non-Scentsy Candle Warmer?     A. Certainly, but it is not recommended. Scentsy's candle alternatives are made specifically for the proprietary Scentsy wax, they are designed to reach a perfect temperature, they get warm just enough to release the scent into the atmosphere without releasing any of the chemicals with it. This is one of the reasons Scentsy electric-flameless candle warmers and Scentsy Wax Bars are much safer then traditional Candles. Q. What kind of wax is used when making our Candle Wax Bars?     A. A food-grade petroleum based wax is what Scentsy Wax Bars use. This particular wax was chosen for its superior scent loading ability, low melting point and firmness. Other waxes were considered, but there wasn't a good quality vegetable based wax that held the scents. There is no issue with the type of wax used by Scentsy in comparison to the chemicals released when burning traditional wicked candles, including tea lights. Scentsy Warmers only warm the scent out from the wax - the wax remains in the warmer, so there is no danger of chemicals permeating into the air in your home. The melted wax will become scentless, you then dispose of it and replace with a new Scentsy candle wax bar. No wick, no match, no flame, no soot, no smoke, and no wax evaporation! Q. What is food grade petroleum wax?     A. It is the same wax sprayed on grocery store apples to give them their shine. Q. What type of oil is used in Scentsy Candles?     A. Scentsy uses key fragrance oil which is the highest grade of oil before processing. Q. Do I use a whole wax candle bar at a time?     A. A single Scentsy Wax Bar comes in a clamshell package with multiple break-a-part cubes. Pick your favorite scented wax candle bar scent, break off one or two cubes and place in our warmer.  Turn on your warmer...and enjoy. You can add additional cubes as time passes or you can replace it to enjoy another scent. Q. How hot does the melted wax get when warmed?     A. The temperature of the wax is very low, just above body temperature. Since the bulb is such a low wattage the wax never gets hot enough to burn. Q. How do I clean the wax out of the warmer?     A. While the wax is warmed you can pour it out into a disposable container, back into its original container, or simply wipe the warmer with some paper towels. You may also place the warmer lid in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and the wax should easily slide out. Q. What wattage of light bulb does the warmer use?     A. A standard 25 watt, small based light bulb. Every new warmer comes with its own light bulb. Our Plug In Warmers uses a standard 15 watt nightlight bulb. Q. How much is shipping?     A. Shipping is always free for home, basket and book parties with $150 or more in total retail sales. Direct ship orders to individual customers add 10%. Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska is 10% with a 20% shipping charge for direct ship orders in those states.  More shipping information Q. How long until delivery?     A. Approximately 2 to 3 weeks from when the Scentsy Party closes or an order is placed. Q. Is it worth it to Sell Scentsy Candles?     A. Yes, when you start selling candles and Join Scentsy you are joining one of the fastest growing Home Based Candle Busineses out there. Scentsy offers one of the Best Compensation plans. Also, if you join my team, you are joining one of the fastest growing teams in Scentsy, I am dedicated to your success and I make it my full-time job and top priority to provide you with all the support you need to reach your goals. Q. Can I sell online?     A. Yes. Independent Scentsy Consultants can sell Scentsy products online via their online Scentsy website provided by Scentsy. All online advertising must first be approved by the home office. Q. Can I sell on eBay?     A. No. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of Scentsy products, Scentsy Consultants are prohibited from selling Scensty candle products on eBay or any other auction type website. Q. Can I make my own personal website?     A. Yes! Scentsy Independent Consultants can make their own website, however all independent websites must be approved by the home office. You will have access to the Policy and Procedures once you become a consultant. There are specific details here for you to follow when creating a site. Q. Can I sell at fairs and events?     A. Yes! Scentsy Independent Consultants are permitted to Sell Scentsy candle alternatives at local vendor shows, expos and fairs . You can choose to carry inventory for resale at these events for cash and carry or take orders only. You decide. Only one Scentsy candle consultant may be present per event. Q. Does Scentsy have monthly or quarterly sales requirements?     A.  In order to maintain your downline (Scentsy Consultants you recruited and their downline) , you need to place at least $150 in orders during one out of every three months, but at Scentsy you’re an active Scentsy Consultant and able to order products and earn personal commissions, even if you do not have downline, and only place a $1 order the last half of the year. You are free to schedule as many or as few parties as you like and sell as much or as little product as you like. You can also act as your own Host and Consultant. Q. Are there any requirements to earn commissions on my team?     A. Scentsy rewards consultants with bonuses for the efforts you invest in your team, you must reach a Lead Consultant status and sell a minimum of $500, in a given month, in personal retail volume to qualify for Scentsy bonuses on team performance. A Lead Consultant is a person who has $500 in a given month of personal retail sales, $1000 in Group Wholesale Volume (the amount you and your team have sold minus your commission from your sales) in a month and one active front line Scentsy Consultant. Q. How much is a Scentsy Starter Kit?     A. Scentsy Starter Kits are $99 plus shipping and handling. Your Starter kit includes all the current availble scent sample testers, current season catalogs, order forms, business cards, and everything you need to start your successful Scentsy Candle Business. You also get your Scentsy website for the first three months FREE so that  your customers can buy scentsy products online. Q. How long does it take to get my Scentsy Starter Kit?     A. Generally Scentsy will ship your starter kit within 72 hours of receiving your application. Starter Kits are shipped through UPS. Q. Can a Host carry or save their Host Rewards for later use?     A. Host must use their 50% off and free products earned when their party is submitted or they will lose their benefits. They do not carry over. Q. Do Scentsy Consultants get their Scentsy Candles at a discount? If so, what discount do Scentsy Consultants receive?     A. As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, we purchase our products at retail price and receive a 25% commission on our purchases. Q. When do consultants receive their commission?     A. Scentsy post commissions amounts on the tenth of the month. | 630-347-1980
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