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Candle Party Being a host for a Candle Party is great, get together with friends and earn Scentsy Candle Host Rewards at the same time. A Scentsy candle party  is simple, personal and fun for everyone involved.  The Party Assistant tool makes it easy to send invitations and track RSVPs. I will show  you how it works. I will also provide postcards, checklists, and Scentsy candle party  planning tips. I will even help you take outside orders from anyone who can't attend to  make sure you get the maximum possible Host credits. On the day you host your event, I will arrive a few minutes early to set up a simple  Scentsy candle product display and help with any last-minute arrangements. Then it's the  host turn to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Scentsy Candle Party experience. Afterward, I will  put your orders together and help get the most out of your  Candle Party Host Rewards.  Just because someone can't make it to a Scentsy Candle event doesn't mean they have to miss out on a chance to  order and enjoy our  products—or that you have to miss out on a chance to earn more Candle Party Host Rewards!   Basket/Catalog Party If your guests can’t make it to the party—bring the party to them! While it may not offer the full-on communal experience of a  Scentsy Candle Party, the Scentsy Basket Party is a  perfect alternative for co-workers or visiting friends and  loved ones who aren’t able participate in a home event. I  will provide you with a beautiful display basket full of  Scentsy product samples and you’ll have 10-14 days to  share it with as many people at as many locations as  you like.  I will also make sure you have plenty of order forms and all the information you need to answer questions, demonstrate the Scentsy candle warmer products, take orders and—best of all—earn plenty of Host Rewards. Open House Have your guests  already heard about the  Scentsy Candle? Then  an open house might  be just right for you  Guests are invited to  drop by at their  convenience during a  two- to three-hour window—they can  come and go as they wish. I won’t give a big presentation,  but will answer questions and give several “mini”  presentations. Guests can browse products and mingle at  their leisure—it’s the ultimate casual Scentsy event  Selling Scentsy Candles with a Basket or Catalog Party Selling Scentsy Candles during Open House  Online Shopping Rewards  Shipping Information  How Do the Products Work?  View My Catalog Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Scentsy Fragrance | Workstation Login / Register Host a Party | Join My Team | Contact Me   Kelly Harvey Director | 630-347-1980
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