Scentsy Compensation Plan Selling candles as an Independent Scentsy Consultant allows  you to have a flexible schedule and set your own goals. No  matter what your background is or how many hours you wish to  work, you can have a successful Scentsy candle alternative  business that fits your lifestyle! Scentsy’s Compensation Plan   offers commissions on personal sales and leadership  bonuses as you build a team.  How Much Does a Scentsy Consultant Make? Compensation Plan Terms & Definitions Active Front Line Consultant Frontline Scentsy Consultatns who have $150 in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) In a given month. Frontline All Scentsy Consultants in the first level of a Scentsy Consultant’s downline. Generation The arrangement of all Directors, and their teams, in a downline. Group A Scentsy Consultant and their entire downline Personal Retail Volume (PRV) The value of all commissionable products sold to a Scentsy Consultant or their customers. Rank The qualification level at which a Scentsy Consultant’s compensation will be determined from month to month. Team A Scentsy Consulant and their downline excluding any Director in her Group and that Director’s downline Wholesale Volume 75% of Retail Volume.  Value after commissions have been subtracted.  Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) is 75% of a Scentsy Consultants Personal Retail volume . Team Wholesale Volume (TWV) is the sum of the PWV of all member of a team.  Group Wholesale Volume (GWV) is the sum of the PWV of all member of a Group. Scentsy Candle Compensation Plan  Online Shopping Rewards  Shipping Information  How Do the Products Work?  View My Catalog Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Scentsy Fragrance | Workstation Login / Register Host a Party | Join My Team | Contact Me   Kelly Harvey Director | 630-347-1980
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