Sell Candles  A Scentsy warmer consultant has joined the fastest growing direct sales  company to sell candles.  Join my team and discover your potential for  success.  I make it my business to know your business; success starts  with a great consultant team.  When you sell candles with us you  will always have the benefit of a consultant who cares about your  business as much as you.  Login / Register Host a Party | Join My Team | Contact Me   Kelly Harvey Director  Online Shopping Rewards  Shipping Information  How Do the Products Work?  View My Catalog Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Scentsy Fragrance | Workstation We sell candles for Scentsy.  Scentsy is a flameless electric candle warmer.  A Flameless Scentsy warmer is a safe electric candle warmer that is handcrafted;  the scents are a proprietary blend unique to authentic Scentsy candles and our electric candle warmer. We have other Scentsy items to compliment our safe  flameless candles. We always research design trends, so there is a Scentsy warmer for everyone and every room. Flameless candles produce no flame and no  soot.  Buy Scentsy for a safe electric candle warmer, everyone enjoys the scent of Scentsy candles. You can buy Scentsy candles here.  Shop online to buy Scentsy warmers and switch to flameless candles.  You can also buy Scentsy warmer at flameless  candles Scentsy Parties.  Get a Scentsy warmer for your friends, family and co-workers.  Sell candles with Scentsy and be a part of the flameless candles  revolution and you can be "where to buy Scentsy" candles. When you sell candles with us you have support from a great team.   Buy Scentsy   We have Scentsy candles and for everyone. Children,  teenagers, parents, teachers & professionals enjoy our  decorative flameless candles!  There's a Scentsy warmer  for every room in the house. When you buy Scentsy  from Sell Candles you get great service!  Scentsy Warmer Party  Candle Party's is a great idea to buy Scentsy warmer!  You earn free credits on our electric candle warmer and  other products when guest buy Scentsy!  Contact me for  details on having a catalog/online party, a basket party, a home party  or becoming a Scentsy warmer Consultant and  Sell Candles.  Official Scentsy Corporate Website | 630-347-1980
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